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Hollandia believes there should be multiple streams for players of all abilities and interest levels to participate in soccer. Rather than forcing all kids into a more structured environment with a greater level of commitment, the club recognizes the importance of a combination of community soccer and club soccer options for mini players. Regardless of the path your player is following, Hollandia wants to ensure quality development for all age and stream of players in its zone.

Using funding provided by Saskatoon Youth Soccer, Hollandia works closely with the Community Associations in its zone to provide programming to develop both players and coaches. Currently, the Soccer Saturday program accesses skills development coaches to help train community team coaches to provide training according to the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model. Interested coaches will receive certification after completing all the sessions and some additional classroom components. Players benefit from receiving consistent coaching from the earliest ages, regardless of their coach’s experience with soccer.


With the launch of the Developmental League (D League) in 2014 by Saskatoon Youth Soccer, Hollandia started offering mini-programming. These teams participate in the Developmental League, rather than in the Community Association League. Our program focuses heavily on the acquisition of fundamental technical skills, the key element required for success in later soccer years.

Players are not tiered at this age because early selection and elimination processes are detrimental to long term development. Hollandia programs differ from most Community Association programs in that more training opportunities are provided. In addition, because the programming is incremental and progressive, players are required to commit to full attendance. Parents can expect to see much greater focus on player-centric techniques and skills acquisition and a reduced focus on results than in other leagues.


In these programs, players are evaluated and placed in various divisions. Premier and division two levels are considered competitive programs, whereas division three programs are for the more recreational minded player, or those who do not want to commit to more than three soccer events per week. These programs, including the recreational divisions are a continuance of Hollandia’s LTPD philosophy. Hollandia provides a unique training program that offers all players (including recreational programs) weekly access to highly qualified skill development coaches.

Under 11 and Under 13 programming is categorized in the LTPD model as “Learning to Train” and therefore the emphasis remains on technical and tactical development, rather than results. Winning is important, but it isn’t the most important thing.

Under 15 players enter the “Training to Compete” phase, and it is this phase where player performance is more closely monitored, and where coaches start to emphasize the mentality of competition in competitive divisions. The phase is still very distinct from the “Training to Win” phase of Under 17 and Under 19, where coaches start to emphasize the mentality of winning as the main reason for participating in competitive leagues.