Hollandia Soccer Club


These rules are adapted from FIFA’s “Laws of the Game”. Download the rules here.

The Hollandia Cup Tournament is approved by Saskatoon Youth Soccer and sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association.

In case of discrepancy between these rules and the printed rules, these online rules will be considered correct. Revised May 24, 2022.


  1. Each team is guaranteed three (3) games.
  2. Under 9  and Under 11 pools will follow the structures defined below, without the medal rounds as there are no standings kept for Under 9 and Under 11.
  3. Age divisions with three (3) teams will play one (1) game against each team within its pool. The top team after round robin will advance to the Final. The remaining two (2) teams will play a semi-final game, with the winner advancing to the Final.
  4. Age divisions with four (4) teams will play one (1) game against each team within its pool. The top two teams after round-robin will advance to the Final.
  5. Age divisions with five (5) teams will play one (1) game against each team within its pool. The top team after round-robin play will be awarded the Gold medal and the second place team will be awarded the Silver medal.
  6. Age divisions with six (6) teams will be split into two (2) pools of three (3) teams. Each team in Pool A will play each team in Pool B. The top two (2) teams in each pool after round-robin will play each other in the Semi-Finals, with the winners advancing to the Final.
  7. Age divisions with seven (7) teams will be divided into two (2) pools. Pool A with four (4) teams will play one (1) game against each of the teams in Pool B. The top team in each pool after round-robin will play each other in the Final.
  8. Age divisions with eight (8) teams will be divided into two (2) pools. Each Pool will play one game against each team within its pool. The top team in Pool A will play the second place team in Pool B, and the top team in Pool B will play the second place team in Pool A for the Semi-Finals. The winners will advance to the Final.
  9. Age divisions with greater than eight (8) teams will be divided into separate groups, which will then follow the pool structure outlined above based on the number of players.
  10. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide final team placement.


  1. There are no standings kept for Under 9 and Under 11.
  2. All Under 13 – Under 19 teams are ranked on the following four (4) criteria, in order of importance:
    1. Total number of points – Each team receives three (3) points for a win and one (1) for a tie.
    2. Previous match results – Winner of the match between two (2) teams tied shall be awarded the higher position.
    3. Goal difference – Subtract total goals allowed from total goals scored in calculating goal difference. A maximum difference of five (5) will be allowed for any one (1) game (ie. a score of 7-1, difference will be counted as 5).
    4. Least number of goals against (all goals count).
  3. If two or more teams are still tied under criteria 1 (a-d), the teams must then contact Tournament Headquarters to be assigned a time for penalty kicks to take place to decide the winner.


  1. There will be no overtime in round robin pool play.
  2. In playoff competition (semi-finals and finals), two (2) five (5) minute overtime periods will be played.
  3. If the game is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, penalty kicks per the FIFA Laws of the Game will be taken to determine the winner.
  4. Golden Goal is in effect. The team scoring first during any overtime period is awarded the win.


  1. Under 9 divisions will play 5v5 including the goalkeeper
  2. Under 11 divisions will play 7v7 including the goalkeeper
  3. Under 13 divisions will play 9v9 including the goalkeeper
  4. Under 15-Under 19 Alliance will be 11v11 including the goalkeeper
  5. Under 15-Under 19 City will be 9v9 including the goalkeeper
  6. For Under 9 games, if the ball wholly crosses the sideline (touch line), the game is restarted by a Throw-In, Kick-In or Dribble-In taken from the point where the ball went out of play over the touch line (visible or imaginary) by the team that did not touch the ball last. The player can choose to Dribble-In the ball. The ball is in play as soon as the ball is touched. The ball must be passed before a goal can be scored off a Dribble-In.
  7. For Under 9 & Under 11 City games, players of the opposing team must retreat to the halfway line on goal kicks and cannot re-enter the opposing half until the kick has been taken.
  8. For Under 11 & Under 13 games, goal kicks can be taken from the top of the penalty area.
  9. For Under 11 & Under 13 games, corner kicks will be taken from the point on the goal line extending 5 yards beyond the point of interception between the goal line and penalty area. The ball cannot be kicked backwards toward the touchline


    1. In case of discrepency, the schedule posted at www.hollandiacup.ca/schedule.php will always be considered correct.
    2. The first team listed on the schedule is the home team. The home team is responsible for having an alternate jersey if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a colour conflict. The home team is also responsible for providing two (2) match balls.


    1. Rosters must be provided before commencement of the tournament.
    2. Teams are eligible to add up to three (3) Guest Players to their rosters. Guest players:
      1. Must be registered with the SSA (or equivalent governing soccer entity) and play in an equivalent or lower division than the division the team will be playing in for the tournament.
      2. Must have a completed and signed Hollandia Cup Guest Player Form.


    1. Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed at any time during the game, as long as:
      1. a maximum of two (2) players are substituted at a time.
      2. substitutions occur at the halfway line.
    2. Should a team having too many players on the playing field score a goal, the goal shall be disallowed. The play shall be restarted by an indirect free kick taken from inside the goal area.
    3. Should a player enter or leave the field of play for any other reason not mentioned in FIFA Law 3 the player shall be cautioned and if play is stopped to administer caution play shall be restarted with an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team in accordance with FIFA Law 13.


    1. Equipment shall consist of a numbered shirt, shorts, socks, shin pads, and footwear. All players on the same team shall wear the same coloured shirts and shall not have identical numbers. Goalkeepers shall wear colours which are distinguishable from all other players and referees.
    2. Players shall not wear equipment or anything which endangers themselves or other players, including any kind of jewelry.
    3. Any player wearing a hard cast will not be permitted to participate, regardless if it is wrapped. Soft casts are permitted at the referee’s discretion.
    4. A team may be permitted to play without numbered jerseys under special circumstances at the discretion of the tournament committee.


    1. A referee shall be appointed to officiate in each game. The referee’s authority shall commence as soon as the referee enters the playing facility and shall extend to offences committed when the game is in progress or when the game is over and the referee has left the facility. The referee’s decision on points of fact connected with play shall be final. The powers and duties of the referee are as per the FIFA “Laws of the Game“.
    2. Appropriate equipment and inappropriate jewellery will be at the discretion of the referee.
    3. Assistant referees will be appointed for all Under 13 – Under 19 games. Their duties are to act as a timekeeper and assist the referee to control the game.
    4. Formal referees will not be provided for Under 9 games. A tournament volunteer will be responsible for ensuring that the game stays on time and that basic rules are followed.


    1. The duration of the game shall consist of:
      1. two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with a five (5) minute break at half time for Under 9.
      2. two (2) thirty (25) minute halves with a three (3) minute break at half time for Under 11.
      3. two (2) thirty (30) minute halves with a three (3) minute break at half time for Under 13 – Under 19.
    2. Time shall be extended at the end of each half of play to allow the taking of a penalty kick to be concluded.
    3. If the score is tied at the end of the match where a winner must be declared, overtime will be played as indicated by these rules. If the game results in penalty kicks, the penalty kicks will be taken as indicated by these rules, and the following conditions will apply:
      1. Both teams must have the same number of players eligible to participate in kicks from the mark. If one team has more players eligible they must reduce eligible players from their lineup to even number of eligible players on both teams. All players will remain at the centre line except the keeper and kicker taking the penalty kick.
      2. The referee will decide on which goal the kicks will take place.
      3. The referee will toss a coin with both team captains. The winner of the coin toss shall have the choice whether to kick first or second.
      4. Both teams shall take five (5) kicks taken alternatively.
      5. Each kick shall be taken by a different player. Not until all eligible players of a team, including the goalkeeper, have taken a kick may a player of the same team take a second kick.
      6. Any player who is eligible may change place with the goalkeeper at any time during the taking of the kicks.
      7. The taking of the kicks shall be in accordance with Law 13.


    1. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball has crossed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar.
    2. The referee shall be the sole judge as to whether a goal has been scored.


    1. There will be no offside for Under 9 and Under 11.
    2. The offside line for Under 13 – Under 19 will occur at the centre line.


    1. A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty-mark.
    2. The goalkeeper must remain on his/her goal line facing the kicker between the goal posts, until the ball is kicked.
    3. The ball must be kicked forward. The player shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player. The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves. A goal may be scored directly from a penalty kick.
    4. Time of play shall be extended at the end of play to allow a penalty kick to be taken.
    5. For any infringement for the above Law, the referee shall allow the kick to be taken:
      1. if the infringement is by a player from the attacking team and the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken.
      2. if the ball does not enter the goal the referee will stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the place where the infringement occurred.
      3. if the infringement is by a player from the defending team and the ball enters the goal the goal is allowed.
      4. if the infringement is by a player from the defending team and the ball does not enter the goal the kick is retaken.
      5. if the infringement is by a member from both teams the kick is retaken.


    1. Field Marshals will be provided by the tournament committee.
    2. Teams, including spectators, are responsible for their behaviour as per the SSA Code of Conduct.
    3. Field Marshals and members of the tournament committee have the right to remove spectators from the field with due cause.


    The Hollandia Cup Tournament Committee has established a Tournament Discipline Committee.

    1. A one (1) game red card cannot be appealed.
    2. Suspended players or suspended team personnel cannot be on the bench during any games.
    3. Misconduct by players or team officials reported by the referee shall be dealt with by the Tournament Discipline Committee prior to the next game.
    4. Any player or team official ejected from a game or receiving a third caution during the competition may waive the right to a hearing and accept an automatic suspension for one (1) game. If a hearing is requested, the request must be made to the Tournament Headquarters within one (1) hour of the completion of the game.
    5. If the right to a hearing is not waived, or if the Tournament Discipline Committee at their sole discretion shall so decide, the Tournament Discipline Committee shall conduct hearings to deal with misconducts that may be deemed above and beyond that which constitutes a one (1) game suspension.
    6. The Tournament Discipline Committee, if warranted, will send the misconduct of any player, coach, or spectator related to the club to the respective soccer association the individuals are involved in where further discipline may occur.
    7. Discipline Infractions – The Tournament Discipline Committee will follow these guidelines:
      • The Tournament Discipline Committee may take any disciplinary action it sees fit, including suspension from Tournament play. Any suspension shall take effect immediately and shall be from all tournament games.
      • The Tournament Discipline Committee will forward their findings and reports to the governing body of the team whose player was subject to discipline.
      • Guidelines for the Hollandia Cup Discipline Committee are as follows:
      • Offences against Officials, at the discretion of the Tournament Discipline Committee, may be referred to the SSA to deal with, in which case offenders are suspended with immediate effect until the SSA has taken action.
      • Any player or team official reported for misconduct who elects to have a hearing, or where the Tournament Discipline Committee has called the hearing, shall attend the hearing and may be accompanied by a club representative.
      • Failure to attend, after notification by the Tournament Staff, shall result in immediate suspension until the player or team official involved requests a further hearing in writing, and appears at that subsequent hearing.
      • The Tournament Discipline Committee shall hold a hearing into the behaviour of any player or team official outside alleged by the Tournament Staff to have brought the game into disrepute


        1. A Tournament Discipline Hearing Committee shall have no less than three members, one of whom shall act as Chairperson.
        2. The Tournament Discipline Hearing Committee shall satisfy itself that the person charged has had details of the charge.
        3. The person charged or his/her Representative, shall be entitled to make a submission.
        4. At any time, the Chairperson and, through him/her, members of the committee, may ask questions of the witness to clear up any doubts which may exist.
        5. If the charge is found “not proven” the session will be declared closed.
        6. If the charge is found “proved” the Committee shall proceed to decide whether any, and if so what, disciplinary action shall be taken.


        1. No protests will be heard on any judgement calls by the referee. Protests will be allowed on eligibility or other technical matters. All decisions by the referee will be final concerning the outcome of games.
        2. Protests, problems or complaints will be dealt with provided they are in writing and submitted to the Tournament Committee within one (1) hour after the completion of the game.


        1. Most players eligible to play in the Hollandia Cup Tournament are “minors” in the Province of Saskatchewan. Possession or use of alcohol by “minors” is illegal. Any report of use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will result in expulsion from the tournament.
        2. Any person who defaces, destroys, steals, or otherwise abuses the facilities of the Hollandia Cup Tournament or any Hollandia property will be expelled from the tournament.


        As usual, should things change after you have registered, our refund policy will be in effect as follows:

        During the online registration period (Opening date-May 12): no funds are withheld.
        After registration closes and up to when schedules are released (May 12-May 17): 50% of your registration fees will be withheld
        After schedules are released (May 17): No refund issued

        If If Hollandia cancels the tournament, there will be a full refund.


In the case of inclement weather or field conditions, games may:

    • Reschedule or Relocate match (Time and location determined by Tournament Director).
    • Shortened match – The Tournament Director may reduce the length of halves due to weather conditions before the restart of a match once delayed due to weather; all such matches will be considered official.
    • Go to “Penalty Kicks” (Time and location determined by Tournament Director)
    • Be Cancelled (The tournament committee has the right to cancel any match. Any game that is not started and is canceled [as opposed to postponed] due to weather or other external conditions, will be recorded as a 0-0 tie. Canceled games will not be rescheduled.)

Inclement weather includes Air Quality monitoring. We monitor Environment Canada’s Air Quality Health Index information. We follow the guidelines issued by Saskatoon Youth Soccer as to whether games can  be played, determined by the Match Official.

If in the event the Tournament Director rules that during the preliminary round “Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark.” will be done due to inclement weather or field conditions, the following rule will apply:

      • Each team will take a maximum of five (5) penalty kicks.
      • At the end of five (5) kicks the game will be scored as a 1-0 win for the team that has scored more penalty kicks, or a 0-0 tie if both teams are tied in penalty kicks at the end of five (5) kicks.
      • In the overall standings, 3 points will be given for the win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.
      • The 1-0 win in penalty kicks will be counted for or against to determine the tiebreaker for advancement.